Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I thought I had heard it all! I thought I was beyond being speechless when I listen to some of the garbage churned out on the radio and TV!  But NO!
I have just listened to the report about the “crisis” in our prison service, the violence etc.etc. etc.
Various things were blamed. overcrowding, low staffing violent prisoners etc.
I have been commissioned to teach in our prison service for over twenty years, I have seen many changes, mostly instigated by people who know absolutely NOTHING about the day to day running of a prison.Their ignorance is astonishing.
Seasoned officers who know the system and the prisoners inside out are disregarded, undervalued and their professional understanding ignored.
Highly qualified professionals with a track record of superb intervention programmes are sidelined and demoralised , morale is at it’s lowest.
They say there is low recruitment, well hardly surprising when existing officers are so unrecognised, and given such undeserved bad press.
I have always found the prison staff to be hard working, honourable and professional, and  often are great role models.
And Chris Grayling, the prize moron who is supposedly the responsible minister is widely and correctly despised by those who have devoted much of their lives to effective prison regimes.
And Now to top it all He has the bloody, appalling, disgusting, sickening audacity to blame overcrowding on the number of sex offenders jailed since the Jimmy Saville affair!!!!!!!
Does he really have the nerve to blame his incompetence on the incarceration of a few aging celebrities.Is our system really failing because Rolf harris is taking up all the space?
Is he REALLY going to apportion some of the blame for his incompetence on sex abuse victims daring to bring these criminals to book? 
How much more can we be blamed for?

NO - The problem is that he is USELESS and he should hand the job back to those dedicated prison staff who know what they are doing and shut the F up!

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