Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Sunday, 5 January 2014

A shimmering Survivor tree!

Several years ago, Gez and I went to Budapest, we loved it, the city,the people,  the history....

We heard terrible stories about the war in Hungary, they had a wretched time, something like 40,000 Hungarian Jews were murdered by the Nazis. Then no sooner had the Germans gone than they were occupied by the Russians. We were there just when they had ceased to be communist and were in a transition time, some hated it, some wanted it, who knows...
We went to see the newly restored synagogue, funded by the Tony Curtis foundation,  we had learned about this wonderful tree in the courtyard. It was entirely made of aluminium, and it shimmered in the sunshine, quite a beautiful sight.
What was more beautiful, and still makes me cry to think about it, was that each one of the tiny individual  leaves on the tree bore the name of a holocaust victim, it seemed to me to shimmer even more brilliantly when I knew that.
I often post pictures of my garden, not because I want to show off our "green fingers" ! But because my husband made it all for me, he calls it Sue's "peace garden". It used to be a car park, solid concrete and clay, and he dug it all out and created a place for me to be when I get stressed, or sad, or burdened with harsh memories.It has given me great solace, not least because it was a labour of love. I post it on my Facebook page just so that people can share it with me.
I have been fortunate that since Survivors Voice Europe came into being, and since I met some of the bravest and wonderful survivors imaginable, they have been to visit me here and  we have sat in my garden , and made new memories. I wish they all could come!
Ton and I  have always talked about recovery being a "growing thing", a process, not an event. We created our healing tree on the website so that people could get help even if they are alone. He is creating a wonderful fishery and garden in Holland, and loves nature too. It has been so much part of our thinking and growing.
So I am going to create a Survivors tree in my garden, similar to the one in Budapest, and I hope that on each tiny silver leaf there will be the name of a Survivor -- and it will shimmer for ever.
So please send me your names, I need to get started ! And I want you to be in my garden!

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