Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Rat of the Year!

Starting the New Year with a slap in the face!
pope frances ! man of the year???? what an absolute travesty!
What an insult! 
What a disgusting slap in the face to all of the survivors of catholic clergy sexual abuse and that  church’s  shameful cover ups! 
And for everyone who fell for their PR spin- SHAME ON YOU ! 
What the hell is wrong with people, are they so desperate and dependent that they need to have ANY kind of figurehead,ANYONE to follow,regardless of how  corrupt or devious ? Are they REALLY so content to be like sheep? cynically used and abused? 
I am absolutely disgusted and insulted by this man’s elevation ,but I am beginning to be more disgusted by those who perpetuate this myth! 
We all have a brain, in fact the human brain is the most powerful complex structure in the known Universe,and  we all have one sitting on our shoulders, what a prize possession! 
It has allowed us, HOMO SAPIENS  to dominate the EARTH!
It has allowed us to change the course of evolution! 
It has allowed us to walk on the moon!
It has allowed us to create beautiful art and music!
And yet so many are prepared, indeed happy, to disregard their own brain and follow a man made narcissistic organisation that  has an opinion on every aspect of our lives, and wields so much power that they have millions held in fear of eternal damnation, exclusion, isolation.
Why would you DO that? Why would you ignore overwhelming evidence, and indeed clear common sense, and allow these people to manipulate you?
What an amazing PR machine they do have! But what  wouldn’t such an obscenely rich most corrupt organisation pay for this gigantic con?  
What else could they do when faced with a spotlight being shone on every sinister corner of their their corrupt organisation? 
They would  do what every other corrupt organisation would do , they would use their enormous ill gotten gains and wheel out their  smiliest faced, charismatic,  thick skinned,   PR man and launch him on the gullible! And then make him “man of the year!” "rat of the year" would be more apt.
If it were not so sinister, it would be laughable.It just shows what  lengths they will go to!
This man is no different from the last,as I keep saying, they just swapped a rat faced snake for a smily faced one -- they are both equally slimy!!
Where is the compassion, humility, even humanity that they purport to preach? 
How  did  their blind followers lose their self respect?  
Why do they disregard their own reason and common sense? 
Do they not see they are being conned?  
Like all narcissists, the church  relies  on the gullibility of others  to feed their enormous and insatiable egos.
And their are thousands who are doing just that!
The only way to deal with a narcissist is to cut off his supply- STOP FEEDING THEM! 
I am so Thankful that I know there are decent honourable  wonderful people in the World, indeed they are in MY World! My family, and amazing Survivors, and like minded decent human beings, they give me hope ,otherwise, listening to this crap, I  am afraid I would despair for the human race.
So in 2014 please!
Use your brain - stop feeding the narcissists!

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