Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Do nothing till you hear from us!

I am constantly bemused by the reasoning behind peoples insistence on going to the pope , vatican, holy see, catholic church (whatever!) to ask about what changes have been made to their treatment of clergy abuse survivors, or indeed the safe guarding of future generations.
Why would you go to the perpetrator? Why would you, after years and years of lies and cover ups believe a word they say?
Have  people not sussed yet that they will do and say ANYTHING to preserve their image? 
They will deflect any admission from themselves by doing the same as they have always done, blame, lie, cover up, excuse.
They will say they have put “robust measures” in place -Where? none that are of any consequence.
They will say they will have an “enquiry” - Why ?.  Do they not KNOW what they should do? what  the right thing is? I thought they considered themselves the authority on “right”
They say they have “met with survivors” Who? - no one who opposes them, that is for sure! If they do speak to any, they are a very few  carefully  “selected” victims, who are still tied into the church.
They say they have their own laws? Well haven’t the Mafia, and every other criminal organisation? 
They say they have a fresh new “head” in francis- What? He has been part of the hierarchy for his entire adult life, he has been chosen just to be the smily face of their PR campaign.
They will tell you “things are so different now” Rubbish!
These people will  NEVER do anything voluntarily, they will only ever respond when they are well and truly cornered, and only then to do as little as they can get away with rather than the MOST they can do!
But they do talk a good talk! and if you are not careful you will fall into the trap of believing them!
So here is the thing!
We would be delighted if these things were true!
We would be overjoyed to see every broken survivor valued, honoured , shown compassion  and restored to some kind of wholeness.
We would be shouting from the rooftops if there was a a real glimmer of hope of the “right thing”  being done, by amends being made to the victims of their crimes.
We would be telling the entire World of our relief and gratitude.
We would be happy beyond words at promises being kept, of honour and decency and humanity displayed.
We would not need to be “sought out” for our opinions on the wonder of it all,  we would be celebrating so loudly that no one would have any doubt of our excitement!
We have NO reason to not want this for all of our fellow survivors, it is what we fight for every day.
But it is simply NOT HAPPENING! 
So PLEASE , until you hear it from one of us, until you see the fireworks and hear the music, see the dancing and the cheers from all of US  -hear this: 
It is absolute BULLSHIT! 

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