Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Unadulterated Theft

One of the things that really pisses me off is when people take my words and use them as their own! I don’t know why, (I hope it’s not ego!) but it just bugs me! 
And it happens all the time. There is one man in  particular,  who, two days after I say anything, is quoted as saying  exactly the same words! I  can almost guarantee it! So I am not going to do it to others!
But is it really plagiarism? or is it just that we seem to come to the same realisations at the same time? I hope it is the latter which actually might mean that many of us are on the same page! 
And does it really matter  all that much when the same message is being circulated? 
Well I guess it really does, because we have already had so much taken from us that was not freely given, that these seemingly small things, our words , our thoughts, our identity, our intellectual property  is a much prized posession. 
I recently received an e mail from my friend John B in Australia, which echoed just what I had been thinking!
I had been looking in  a lot more depth at the UN convention on the rights of the child, especially since Ton and I  we will return to Geneva in January to listen to the holy see’s answer to our accusations that they are in breach of several of those articles.
That they are in breach is not in dispute, it is patently apparent that they have violated, and continue to violate,  the articles in question. 
How they will attempt to wriggle out of their responsibilities is also a “given” They certainly always use every dirty trick they can muster , and they have plenty of those, having honed those particular skills over centuries!
What probably won’t be talked about is of course that they are in breach of every child’s human right, when they bully and indoctrinate through fear and threats.

John’s mail read :

This one right a child has, the Church will not protect
Every person has the right to freely choose their religion. No child raised in  a Christian or other religion has their right to this safeguard protected. 
If the bishop were genuine with regard to protecting the rights of children he would firstly outlaw threatening children with hell. This clearly terrorizes and traumatizes children, for many of them this trauma last a lifetime. Real protection of the child's well-being must free them from any form of threat.
A child properly protected until they are of legal age would not encounter threats of hell, being bonded for life through baptism, being stained with the crimes and sins of their forbears. They would avoid being genitally mutilated to satisfy the religious beliefs of others. They would not be deceived and preyed on via the confessional and they would not be exposed to community protected pedophiles in their churches and their schools.
The one thing the bishop cannot provide is a system or a method that can say that they have raised a child and protected that child's right to be free to choose whatever religion they may wish upon reaching legal age.  Until the Church and other religions can provide this simple basic human right to all children then the bishops words ring hollow and become complicit in the control and the subjugation of children into a system that will claim ownership for the rest of the life of that child. 
It is not rocket science. There are no secular objections to protecting this right that children have. The only objections come from a failed hierarchy who will never remit their hold over children as that give them a hold over the adults. 
Until this basic is provided for all children and until their right is strictly protected there will be no safe place for any child. 
(He was responding to the comments of a US Bishop when addressing Canon Law Society)

Thank you John, for your thoughts, they echo my own.
Almost before a child is  old enough to walk, they are filled with fear and threats of HELL and eternal damnation and exclusion. They are given terrifying images of the devil hovering on their shoulder ready to pounce if they don’t adhere to religious laws. They are further traumatised by having to tell all of their innermost thoughts as “sins” in the barbaric confessional,even told they have to atone for their ancestors “sins” all the way back to Adam and eve!
Exclusion is the one of the worst thing for a child to bear and , certainly in my case,  was used a lot as a threat and a punishment. I hated it, and feared it.
It certainly did keep me obedient and subservient, because I was so afraid of the exclusion. 
So I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I hear the jesuit  boast “Give me a child before he is seven and I will show you the man”! 
Now THAT is IS  unadulterated   THEFT!
And  It makes me furious when I think of all that  wasted potential! The wasted years of indoctrination, and the vast amount of intellectual energy and pain it takes to finally break free of their stranglehold.
Not to mention the thousands who have never been able to.
So when  we are asking them to give up their hold on innocent children, we surely already know this wretched  organisation will never do that, how can they-  when they rely on them to be  the next generation of indoctrinated adults.
In Stealing from any child the right to a protected and nurturing childhood, these thieves have proven time after time that
ALL of this religion is child abuse!

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