Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Humility Please!!

Don’t you find that Humility is an extremely attractive quality?
I listen to a lot of great words , sometimes from great people, in my attempt to make sense of the World and my life etc. 
But the ones that have really stuck in, and the ones I can really remember, were the ones that came from people with true humility!
Now before I start to sound religious (fat chance!) let me clarify!
The man who helped me get to sober, Peter, was one of these men, he was not in the least bit religious, but he was a genuine life saver! He helped save many people’s lives, not by giving them grand speeches or profound wisdom, but by his heart felt concern for other addicts. He had very little “small talk”  and was quite shy, but he would go to the ends of the earth to help a fellow addict. And he did it without god and with  real humility.
He was a primary school teacher, and a brilliant one.He once said that during his active “drinking days” he had been a  dreadful teacher,  and he knew that he couldn’t help all of the children who had passed through his hands during that time, but what he COULD do was make sure that every single child from then on would have the very best , and more,  that he could do.Inspiring.
My meditation teacher, is a real inspiration, gives me unlimited unconditional support, and is very wise, without judgment and incredibly humble.
My son who battles his bi-polar disorder, and has always had very bad health, loves simplicity, his garden, his birds, and is a great listener.Great humour, and humble! Talking to him lifts my spirits and inspires me! 
Professor AC Grayling, a very profound and brilliant man, but charming and very  humble.
I am so fortunate because I meet many of these “unsung heroes” in the survivor world and the addiction recovery world, the ones that are most  effective are the ones with real humility!
Ordinary, everyday people, who don’t say a great deal to anyone, but go about their days just trying to do “the right thing” inspire me and make me feel humble.
I so want to be more like them!

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