Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Rest In Peace

I have just read the report of the nephew of Jimmy Saville who says he is "disgusted" that people could come out and talk about their abuses by Saville after he is dead, and "not here to defend himself"
Echos of my own experience here. I was told by a cousin that it was "despicable" to speak about my abuses when the people concerned weren't there to "defend" themselves! In my case the priest who abused me and my Mother who refused to deal with it.
This is complete ignorance.
Ignorance of childhood sexual abuse is one of our biggest hurdles, stupid people who simply have no clue what exactly this experience does to a human being's ability to cope, to talk about it, to even stop feeling ashamed of it, despite being the wronged party.It is precisely this ignorance that makes victims less likely to come forward, they know that the church especially does a nice line in "victim blame" and  it would appear that the same ignorance pervades elsewhere.
Firstly lets be clear- the IS no defence for these crimes. But don't we all wish these people were still around to face the consequence of their actions. The power they have to instil fear into their over their victims to "keep quiet" is a common feature of pedophiles.
In my case, a perverted sense of loyalty meant that I could not have talked about it while at least my Mother was alive.I was far too afraid!
What I think in their  ignorance, they are also  trying to say is that these people should be allowed to "Rest in Peace"
Rest in Peace!  I wish I could have had some bloody peace! I wish I could have lived my life without nightmares and damage, without fear and guilt.
Rest in Peace! I am quite sure the children who have been so defiled have never, nor can ever completely have any peace!
I also sincerely  hope the rest of the people who colluded with Saville, as well as the catholic church which is also a  great "enabler" don't ever get to "Rest in Peace", until they acknowledge the crime against humanity that childhood sexual abuse is, and begin to make amends to all those they have harmed.

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