Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

ALL child abuse is a crime against humanity

 The truth about Jimmy Saville has shocked the nation as he emerges as a prolific sexual predator, who preyed on young girls for decades. And it is indeed shocking! Absolutely appalling that his crimes were never reported and that so many people were damaged. 
But I do have to wonder - why the hell does it take the deviations of a weirdo "celebrity" to send shock waves across the country? 
Why the hell isn't the entire world  shocked by the behaviour of catholic priests who not only committed  these  same crimes, but did  it in the guise of being "next to God" It seems the country has not been quite so appalled by the thousands who have suffered at their hands.
This is not to detract from the horrors of Saville and his cronies, there is no such thing as a "worse" abuse, ALL sexual abuse of children is a crime against humanity. But why do we scream in horror at this particular pedophile, and yet disregard the sharks in dog collars, hiding behind canon law?  In this the BBC has an appalling record , and have always been known to be very selective in their coverage of these crimes. They hardly reported the twenty-thousand people who marched in protest of the pope's visit in 2010. They even appointed Chris Patton, with his  direct line to the vatican as DG!
Mark Williams Thomas programme about Saville did a fabulous job at exposing this creep, and indeed Mark has shown himself  always to be very much on the side of the survivors of these crimes. He would NOT however,  have been given the support to produce such a programme by the BBC!  
 No longer can they sit in that ivory tower and decide what the general public should or should not see or hear! They have shown themselves to have a lot to answer for by disregarding Saville and others' behaviour. 
Self appointed children's champion Esther Rantzen's display of wringing of hands and tears was only surpassed by her monumentally stupid comment that "even" the pope thought Saville was ok!!!  Well I am quite bloody sure Hitler thought Himmler  was a good chap too! Ratzinger really is no criteria! The fact that she then went on to admit her collusion, that she and others knew what was happening!  begs the question what actually are her motives  as the founder of childline? The cynic in me might think that it is a lot about ego, and very little about children.
This is an appalling time, and as the shocking details emerge, and there will no doubt be more of them, I can only hope that it will at last open the eyes of everyone to the other victims of abuse, to  spare a  thought for the thousands upon thousands of catholic clergy abuse survivors who are fighting daily for the  acknowledgment of the crimes  against them, and who would be delighted to be treated with the same  respect and  sympathy given to Saville's victims.
It is timed we held a mirror up to ourselves as a society and STOP colluding with these criminals, and  the enablers  who cover up for them,  or "turn a blind eye" They are equally guilty. 
 Please stand and be counted for ALL children who have suffered at the hands of these greedy selfish criminals. And please know that at  the side of some of the clergy, even Saville's disgusting reign  pales almost into insignificance.

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