Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Monday, 13 March 2017

Poor me!

My somewhat hedonistic and rather  shallow sister in law, thinks I should retire and have some "quality time",  She thinks I should take a leaf out of her book and have five holidays a year, "twice to Ibiza (pronounced incorrectly of course) 2 cruises, and a trip to Lanzarote"! She seems actually to feel sorry for me and suggests that  I am missing out! 
She couldn't be more wrong! Not to "crow", and although I  am not at all special, I have been privileged to do so many things that money simply cannot buy! In my capacity as head of a teaching organisation,I  have personally taught 14,000 amazing healthcare workers, teaching  all over the UK, and the USA, I have spoken in the Italian parliament, the Polish parliament, the U.N. three times, addressed a crowd of twenty thousand people, received a "Lifetime's achievement" award for my work in addiction, an "Inspirational Woman of the year" award for Human rights, I have been to tea at the House of Lords three times, taught for the staff of 128 UK prisons, and  military mental health . I have been  privileged to speak at many inspirational gatherings like the launch of "Aid and Abet " in Scotland, International women's day, Secular Europe day, Freedom of speech rally, and more. Rallied and danced  with my wonderful deaf and speech impaired friends from The Provolo institute in Verona several times, and in Rome four times. As well as being co-founder of Survivors Voice Europe , I am on the board of trustees for the charity "Godless Grace Foundation" I am a patron of the "Pink triangle" and I have real solid friends in Italy, Holland, Poland, America, Australia , Nepal Canada, Hawaii . I have been involved in important research, co -written a  book and am three quarters through the next one. I have six kids, three grandchildren, an incredibly talented and supportive husband and a beautiful black Labrador!   Poor me!

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