Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Spotlight Survivors!

So as we are celebrating the brilliant success of the film "Spotlight", and I do applaud all those involved,  I can't help wanting to remind everyone that this story is in fact quite an old one! 
New film of course, but the story goes back a decade or more. 
The brave survivors of that time in Boston, and I would like to name my buddies Gary Bergeron and Bernie McDaid as among them, did a magnificent job of bringing to the public eye the horrendous abuses in the Boston area, and bringing down the duplicitous cardinal Bernard Law. The Globe journalists and lawyers also did their wonderful bit too, there is no doubt about that. But in that time NOTHING has changed in this wretched  church! They were also part of this story way back then, and still they did NOTHING! 

They have even  had the audacity to congratulate the Spotlight team, and said they applauded the film! Are they joking or what!
They learned NOTHING at the time and they have learned NOTHING since!
They still behave in exactly the same way, still acting as if they are above the law. There are many defensive catholic voices who are telling us that they are "putting in place safeguards for children" and we "should get our facts straight"!!! 
Well here are some facts : If they were indeed "putting safeguarding in place" that should be a GIVEN! Not something they deserve Brownie points for! After the endless scandals and horror stories that have come to light about this crime against humanity, damned  right they should be "putting things in place" that is the very least they should be doing!  They should also be open to secular independent scrutiny, having  proved they are  quite incapable of policing themselves.
They have demonstrated  time and time again their unwillingness to change, and they disregard every attempt to make them accountable, even to the point of totally disregarding clear directives from the UN. They simply are not capable of openness and rigour.
The constant cry seems to be "protect the children" and I care very deeply about future children's safety  of course, BUT  frankly, if catholic parents are STILL allowing their children to be influenced by them and even (good forbid!)  be alone with any of them- then THEY  are as culpable as their church!
And  once again,  may I remind everyone that regardless of what this hypocritical, narcissistic church crows about when they talk about their "safeguarding" and even if all of the bishops and cardinals  learn how to tell the truth, even if every priest in the world gets married, and the pope chickens out and resigns like the last one, then we are STILL left with 
MAKE  PROPER AMENDS to those victims -you MORONS! Stop negating their suffering, by using them to protect future catholic children- that is YOUR job! 
Recognise the severity of their burdens and MAKE PROPER AMENDS!! Only then might you have a glimmer of a chance to garner some small bit of credibility.

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