Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Predatory Chlidren???

When asked to comment  on the radio about the Barrister and Judge who yesterday decided to give a pedophile a suspended sentence because the thirteen year old girl he abused was “predatory” my first inclination was not to answer. It seemed like a stupid question to ask me, almost offensive to imagine there could be ANY comment apart from to express disgust. 

Usually when the media ask us to comment it is because they sniff some kind of controversy,usually  they have got someone already lined up who they know you will absolutely disagree with, and so expect to see a spat. 
This time, I couldn’t imagine they could find anyone who didn’t think these legal idiots were completely stupid. But they did! 

Imagine hearing somebody say “She asked for it” “These girls dress provocatively and give the wrong signals.” “She led him on”!!
What an ignorant bloody idiot they managed to find! I didn’t do the radio interview, because I wasn’t free at the time they wanted o talk to me, but I do hope somebody else put him straight! (or put him in a straight jacket!) They said they like to “offer a BALANCED viewpoint” They succeeded in showing an “unbalanced” moron.

A Thirteen year old is a CHILD!

And the fact that she was “ inappropriately and overtly sexual” was , as everyone who has any understanding at all, a very clear indication that she was extremely vulnerable, very probably had been abused before, which would result in her lack of self respect, and a sitting target for this creature. 

And of course she was, because it is vulnerable children who are most at risk from these criminals. They prey on the vulnerable and isolated, and then do a  nice line in “victim blame”  

All of this horrendous story smacks of POWER ABUSE, not just the pedophile who abused the child, but the Barrister and Judge who made appalling these remarks and abused their own power by handing down a ridiculous and inadequate sentence to this man, simply because they could. 

There is NEVER an occasion when the  child victim is to blame for being abused.
There is NEVER any excuse for not giving the harshest sentence possible.
And there is NEVER a good enough reason to damage a child further by legal power abuse.
No wonder the Judge hid his face behind a newspaper when he drove away, he should be plastered all over it for this travesty!
Shame on the lot of them!

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