Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Those "Sacred Hands"

It’s hard to think about all the myriad of ludicrous ideas that were crammed into my unprotected mind as I grew up in the superstitious fiercely catholic household, where everything but breathing was sinful.

But as I reflect on the happenings of the last week,and I see a cardinal hold his hands up after being caught with his pants down, I am reminded of one of them! 

The priest’s “Sacred Hands”!

The priest who abused me was staying in our home, he was positively deified, as all priests were! He was held in absolute awe, we all had to tiptoe round him so as not to disturb his wonderful presence,  I had been told what a “blessing it was every time a priest crosses your doorstep” 

 He was given the best of everything, we had to always put his needs before everyone else’s,he had his own cutlery and crockery,  and he even had his own spotless white hand towels for his “Sacred Hands”

I was told that a priest’s  hands were “blessed”  and had been “consecrated”, they were the hands that after all held the communion hosts, and as all catholics know, this was  REALLY the body and blood of christ (not a representation, that was what all of the poor “non-catholics had)

So these sacred hands couldn’t do anything menial, they were so sacred they had to be protected at all costs!

They couldn’t wash up, or clear a table, make a bed,answer the phone, mend the fire, wipe the bath out,wash their clothes, iron their cassocks, make a meal, or even a cup of tea! 

What they could do however, was violate my innocent child’s  body, penetrate me and hurt me, and then leave me damaged and broken while they used their hands to bless their adoring congregation.
They could also bless your house to make sure there was no residual evil from previous occupants,(especially if they had been non-catholics)  they could say “masses” for your dead relatives or  “special intentions” , and they could very easily handle the money that you paid for those services! 

I wonder if a cardinal’s hands are doubly sacred? the pope’s mega sacred? 

Either way they have a lot of blood on them.

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