Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Today I  have had a terrible shock!! Talking to some wonderful Australian survivors on SKYPE the conversation got around (somewhat inevitably) to catholicism! 
Very diplomatically, and sweetly they tentatively asked me about my existing connection with the catholic church, it seems that over there they thought I was still a catholic!!!!!! 

Horror of horrors! I had no idea that this would bother me so much, but bother me it has, it feels like the worst thing anyone could see me as!!! 

The whole misunderstanding comes from my rather flippant remark that say I am A “Recovered Catholic”! I have always seen it more like having recovered from the disease and indoctrination as well as the abuse of the church.
Rather like I am a recovered alcoholic and addict! 

But it seems that it is misleading and people had thought I meant I was still in the grips of the narcissistic regime which is the catholic church! SHIT!!!!

I can’t let even a hint of that be doubted, a fate worse than death for me!
So let me be very very clear!! I am a dyed in the wool ATHEIST, maybe with a hint of a Buddhist slant in there somewhere, but not even a tiny morsel of catholicism! 
I think it is an abusive, destructive, disgusting narcissistic organisation, and I am happy to be well and truly rid of it! Hence the change of title!

Now the very thought of it has made me need  lie down!

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