Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Monday, 4 March 2013

This is not about the church!

I keep being asked by the press about the resignation of the pope, and “how do we see this “new beginning”?  “what to we hope for”?  what would we expect to see? 

Well heres the thing.

We don’t expect anything

We see the resignation as a strategic one, and the “new beginning”  as nothing more than the usual game playing and  PR excercise, and one of the most audacious yet!  

And something else!

Even if the pope “owns up” even if the next one” clamps down” even if the whole wretched institution opens up it’s files and the cesspit therein, even if the ICC prosecutes, the UN has at last a moment of clarity -

We will still be left with hundreds of thousands of damaged, disaffected people, who will struggle, and still need some way of making sense of what has happened to them and how they can get through life the best they can.

This is NOT about the bloody church, it is not about the pope, or the cardinals, or the priests, our concern and our support and indeed our energy  will always  be saved for the SURVIVOR of these crimes, and their wellbeing. 

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