Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Beware the "disrespectful " crisps!

You know how, with Facebook and blogs and messages and stuff, one thing very definitely leads to another? 
Reading this latest absolute nonsense from the catholic church, who have gone ape-shit about crisps in "Pret a Manger" being called " Virgin Mary " crisps (you know, in the same shocking way that a Bloody Mary without the vodka is called a Virgin Mary!)  I came across a site I didn't know existed "Protect the"! 
Of course I was curious, and tapped into it, wondering how on  Earth anyone would want to protect this criminal,or how he could possibly be defended. 

 And horror of horrors! it really is just that! a site completely devoted to answering catholic critics, "defending the faith" and filled with nonsensical vitriol and half truths, and many  half baked accusations of course. 
I couldn't wade through all of the garbage in it, it was clear exactly what it was, and it's contents whipped me straight back to my own indoctrinated childhood when catholics  then also  considered themselves a "persecuted minority" 
Of course  they do - it is a personna that they thoroughly enjoy, and perpetuate. It seems to  give them some sort of perceived  credibility, but worse, it allows them to divert attention  from their many many misdemeanours! 
 The thing that made me laugh,( as well as cry) , was the "blessing" wished on all who had "defended the faith"  by complaining about the "virgin mary crisps!" They said that catholics had put up with this sort of persecution long enough! 
"We have been passive for too long in the face of mockery of our faith and discrimination against us catholics"


Apart from seeing the  ridiculousness of the whole bloody issue, I cannot help seeing AGAIN an organisation that simply, constantly, and laughably misses the point!
A bit like when twenty thousand people marched in London to protest against the pope's visit, while being supported by many more thousands who couldn't physically be there, the catholic church totally missed the point (or chose to!) that thousands of people are absolutely sick and tired of them, and sulkily complained like a child in the kindergarten playground that "these awful people used very bad language"!
Surely not a a reference to the wonderful  creative, and completely pertinent posters that screamed :
"Fuck off  back to the 14th century" and 
"So you are offended- So fucking what"!
Instead of getting those very clear messages that an awful lot of people hate their religion and it's narcissism, they choose to be self righteously indignant  by our use of language, and the name of some bloody crisps! It seems to me a clear indication of their mentality.
But I do have to agree with one thing, and it is very very rare that I would agree with anything this dreadful organisation has to say, and that is  "They have been passive for too long" damned right they have!

Passive and hiding by their perceived persecution as their priests and bishops rape and sodomise innocent children.
Passive in the face of vatican's lies and cover ups, despite the irrefutable evidence of complicity leading right back to their "holy" father.
Passive as poor countries , with indoctrinated people driven by fear are bled dry by the demand of "supporting their pastors"
Passive as Dutch boys in catholic institutions were castrated to "curb their homosexuality" after being raped by their priests.
Passive as disabled children's bodies were systematically defiled by priests in the catholic institutions where they were supposed to be being cared for.
Passive as thousand upon thousand of clergy abuse survivors began at last to be able to come forward and talk about the tyrannical church that has seen them as little more than an irritant, and collateral damage.
Passive as many of those victims committed suicide because the burden of their shame was too great.
Passive as their church even attempted to discredit many of those survivors dismissing them as liars or mentally deranged.
Passive even in the face of huge statistics and damning evidence showing the enormity of their crimes.
Passive rather like the sheep at the end of my lane?  or those German people who didn't "notice" the holocaust? 
Damn right they have been passive too long, time they grew some balls (no apologies for  the language) and re- joined the decent human race -  outside their cult.
I have always stopped a little short when asked what  I hate about the catholic church?
I have pussy footed around and said things like "well not the people of course, just the hierarchy"
But I am beginning to wonder why, anyone on this planet would fail to see that if they lie with wolves and vipers they will be judged as being the same as them.
Another site I inadvertently get mails from is the "catholic answers forum" where they arrange (expensive)   Caribbean cruises for people to go and be taught by priests and the like  how to "defend their faith" presumably to watch out for "Circumcision sausages" "Bethlehem blinis" "Papal Pizzas"
Best thing they could learn is to Wake the F... up!

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