Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Warm Blanket

Today had a strange start, I began my day by speaking on Radio Foyle in Ireland about the obseqeous apology of Sean Brady.They asked me if I could not now give Brady some "credit" for now "doing the right thing"the answer of course was that I did NOT. He only made his snivelling excuses after being in a huddle for days with advisors and spin doctors, for no other reason than to save his own miserable skin. With the audacity that we now have come to expect from these creeps, he as usual tried to turn the "admission" of his crimes into some kind of virtue! I marvel at their arrogance! Then in true fashion he tried to "victimise"  himself because the abused man in question did not want to see him, to be used as a prop for his PR stunt, being further abused in the process. Typically,  they managed to suggest that the fault therefore lay with the victim of the abuses. How strange is it that if a damaged destroyed person does not want to play the vatican's game of charades, then he is the bete  noir!
I reflected on it as I continued my day, and I was thinking about how I had been asked "what COULD they do?"
All I can say is that when I was in Rome two years ago, it was the weekend that the Chilean miners were rescued frrom the ground. We all rejoiced along with everyone else, as we watched them being gently lifted from their tunnel and show their relief.
I remember when I finally was able to talk about my own abuses at last, in my naivity all I really wanted was for someone to gently lift me out of my nightmare, wrap a warm blanket around me and say "there there you are safe now" It didn't happen, and I was further desolate.
I created my own blanket, but it is never quite the same.
Then I met me wonderful people who restored my faith in humanity. Atheists, Humanists, Secularists who showed me compassion and respect, not because an invisible puppet master would punish them if they didn't, and not because thay felt "pity" for me and to do so made them feel sanctimonious, but just because they are altruistic human beings and felt it was the right thing.After feeling my whole life like an outcast I finally was able to take a place as a part of the World.
I can honestly say I have never received any sort of kindness from anybody of "faith" NEVER!
 So today was a good one, it allowed me to think again about what I maybe can do to help and ther is not always that much, but it would be privelege  to be a small part of that warm blanket for someone else, and share their relief as they emerge from that tunnel of despair.
And look forward to celebrating again, our lives saved against all the odds and despite the church, never because of them, when we all meet up in Verona!

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