Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Poor Brady "didn't understand"!!!!

Well ! I have heard many things as I see the catholic heirarchy squirm under the weight of their disgusting crimes.I have heard many excuses and many obsequeous snivelling comments. But I have to say that this on takes some beating!! 
Brady "didn't understand" the impact that childhood clergy abuse had on children"! WHAT!
He didn't "understand" that for a child to be raped by a clergyma, that they have been told is next to god, and should ALWAYS be obeyed,had  such an  impact! WHAT!!!
He didn't "understand" that a child having been raped, and sodomised, and threatened, and silenced - when that child has been taught from birth that even to look at your own body, or to touch it (shock horror!) was a "sin" to be "confessed" (in my case to the priest who raped me!) He didn't "understand" that being abused and damaged so badly would destroy any chance of a normal decent life for that child? he didn't "understand" why people who could not bear the shame of having been raped by a priest turned to alcohol , drugs, self harm, even suicide? He didn't"understand" that raping a child is the worst betrayal of body and trust? He didn't "understand" that clergy abuse causes permanent brain damage, and the ripple  effects of it further damage families, and last through generations.WHAT!!!
And HE  feels  BETRAYED?????
I am very much afraid you are going to understand Brady!
How dare you! How FUCKING dare you!!!

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  1. I hear from the BBC that one of the reasons the vatican will not bow to pressure from politicians to approve Brady's resignation is that there are ' there are other senior clergy around the world who have come under scrutiny for their role in the abuse scandal, and Cardinal Brady's resignation might be seen as risking a domino effect' NO SHIT SHERLOCK - the vatican knows its on sticky ground, they would set a precedent that could well see the downfall of the organised church. How much longer do we have to hear this kind of reasoning - this vile, evil corporate manoeuvring over the lives of children and the need to do the right thing to make amends. Evil, duplicitous, narcissistic bastards - but then whats the best way to deal with a narcissist - EXPOSE THEM THEN THWART THEIR ADVANCES - I could go on................