Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Brady needs flogging!

So the documentary about Irish clergy abuse finally aired last night. And once again, we are appalled to  the same old- same old- depraved abuses, lies and cover ups, damaged children, ruined lives, smug narcisstic cardinals and bishops. You have to hand it to the catholic church, their  audacity  in the face of the most damning evidence, right in the middle of the World's worst abuse scandals in history, implicated in abuse, secrecy, threats , victim blame, lies, cover ups and even castrations! They still put on a false beatific face and hand out moral dictates to all and sundry! Whyt a show!
Hypocracy, actively promoting homophobia, subjugating woman and  abusing children, are not the acts of any "spiritual" organisation that can possibly hope to ever influence human beings again.
They are calling for Sean Brady's resignation, and rightly so- I would call for also his public flogging and humiliation and a very  long long stay in jail!  But after all, even he is just a puppet, he probably will fall on his sword at some point to deflect from the bigger criminals in the vatican.
When will ordinary decnt catholics stand and be counted? Are you all the same? Just like  every SS officer in the last war who stood by and watched their "superiors" commit atrocities? Can you honestly say that the face of a dysfunctional and narcisstic regime like the vatican is more important than all those human beings destroyed by them? Standing by and watching criminals get away with such shocking behaviour is tantamount to collusion and condoning.  SHAME ON YOU ALL!
In the mean time our love to,  and our admiration for the brave damaged people who bore  their souls and showed their wounds, brave and dignified in the face of the most appaling betrayals .AGAIN!

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