Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Friday, 11 April 2014

Sounds like HELL!

Sounds like HELL!
I rarely listen to “thought for the day” for good reason,- I don’t believe in a word  they say!
This morning, however, I could hear the “whine” from my radio as I got ready for the day.
You can’t mistake the subject, you don’t even have to hear the words, there is a tone of voice which is quite unmistakable, it is the one that I heard all the time from the pulpit  and from conversations with catholics before I escaped that vicious organisation.
It is like they have a “tone” bypass, everything is a monotone, zombie like almost.It seems that whenever they talk about their “faith” they have to adopt this tone, in order to create a sense of gravitas. And it is so bloody miserable! 
But then being miserable or distressed , in pain , traumatised is what they think we should be grateful for!
When I  was a child I was always told to “offer it up”! if I had any discomfort. I should welcome it as an opportunity to “atone” for my “sins” either past or future, because there was no doubt I was born a “sinner” and would be a “sinner” for the rest of my life! 
So you have broken your ankle ? “Offer it up”!
You are frightened and bruised? “offer it up”! 
You can’t breathe? “offer it up”!
The priest raped you? “offer it up”! I was even told to “pray for him” 
 Absolute cruel and wicked bullshit! From an organisation that pretends to value and preach “compassion” !
So every time I hear that “whine” it reminds me of the crap I was forced to swallow for so many years. It is a sound “trigger” for me, along with the smell of stale sweat , whiskey and incense.
As Survivors of these criminals I believe it is important to surround yourself with things only that nurture you, the wholesome and the clean.
Be mindful what you eat,drink, watch, listen to - be discriminating - you are precious and worth it.
Be careful who’s company you keep, and even  beware of exploitation.
I wouldn’t deliberately put poison into my mouth, so I won’t listen to it either!
But I don’t have to worry too much that it will pollute me these days, because that bloody “whine” alerts me to the imminent bullshit !

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