Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Thursday, 26 September 2013

World conference and celebration for Survivors of Clergy Abuse Verona Italy 2014

Just back from the annual rally with the deaf and speech impaired survivors from the Provolo institute in Verona.
As always, I have a spring in my step after being with them again. They always lift my spirits!
Bizarre really considering the severity of the subject we are talking about, and the complete lack of justice that they have received. insulted and dismissed by that wretched church, and yet still dignified, brave and resilient.
I have always known that they would be key players in this movement against the injustices of the vatican, and I am never disappointed.every year they turn up, dress up and march from that hideous institute where they were incarcerated and cruelly abused, right into the  beautiful arena in Verona where we make speeches and share stories and connections.
There had been a documentary made which is partly about that dreadful place, and the wonderful people who suffered there. this is the link.
I want every thinking person on the planet to see it and share their pain, but most of all to JOIN US!!! In this war against the cruel narcissistic monsters who not only allowed these and every other abuse to happen, but also lie and cover up the facts. Go on to our website, become a “friend” of Survivors Voice Europe, we don’t want your money, we just want your good will and solidarity!
And be the first to know that we will be hosting a World Conference of clergy abuse Survivors next September in Verona, when we want you all to try and come to!
Please watch this space!!!We will be announcing the details very soon. 
And please watch this film and then see if you can turn your back on this, as everyone in the vatican has done so for half a century. 
Help us celebrate the recovery and life of every clergy abuse survivor and shame the perpetrators out of existence!
watch this link:

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