Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Monday, 16 September 2013

March for A secular Europe London 2013 !

Great day at the Secular europe campaign and march on Saturday once again , with about three hundred like-minded, honorable, intelligent people who never fail to lift my spirits!
Lots of food for thought from the speakers, lots of humour, lots of inspiration.
There is no doubt that when we are talking about clergy abuse, Sharia law, genital mutilation, lack of gay and lesbian rights,violations of  human rights, etc. They all have one very clear thing in common ,that is they are all a direct result  of Power Abuse
And power certainly does corrupt. In fact when there are set ups like the vatican, with it’s narcissism and corruption , and imbalance of power ,  then violations and abuses are almost inevitable! 
And power is seductive, addictive,  and just like heroin, it is very difficult to give up!
It is not something that these Power hungry abusers will ever give up voluntarily, in fact having had that level of power for so long, they will  fight tooth and nail to hang on to it, with no thought for anyone who might get in their way.
Our  fight against them is a big one, but it is a crucial one, and has to be fought on many fronts I think.
The main thing that I see is the imperitive  NOT to feed it! The more we feed that corrupt imbalanced power,like all monsters, the bigger and uglier it gets.
Don’t feed their pockets by pouring money in to the church, Do not to allow any tax revenue to find it’s way to them.
Do Not feed their enormous  egos by bowing and scraping to them ,or even listening  to anything they have to say, do not give them that platform!
 If there  is something worth listening to -  then decent honourable  people, well away from the church,  will be saying it!
Don’t allow them any priveleges at all! It is ludicrous to gain  any advantage over others simply for believing in myths.
(In England we really do have to do something about the 26 non elected bishops in the House of Lords!)
Stop giving them so much bloody air time! every time that bigot in the vatican opens his mouth, someone is reporting it to  us!  
We don’t care!!! 
It is an insult for him to try and score points by saying that “even Atheists might get to Heaven if god sees they have a conscience”! Arrogant bastard! 
Atheists are Atheists because they have a conscience!
Don’t fall for the latest  line that this is a  new pope and “he is different” He is not!
They have simply swapped a rat faced snake for a smiley faced one - they are both equally slimey!
In this day and age, when the morality of these organisations is under scrutiny, and persistantly found lacking - do not allow them any hiding place. 
Any honourable ethical, organisation would welcome scrutiny, they do not, because they have too much rot in their midst and too much to hide!
When one has  a particular passion, a cause so near to our hearts, it is easy to think we have the monopoly on suffering, gatherings like these open our eyes to others causes, and allow us to share solidarity with so many others treated unjustly.
A privelege to be with them all!
looking forward to next year!

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