Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

An Atheists voice!

An Atheists Voice!
A while ago, while answering something or other, I can’t even remember what, I posted something on a site called “catholic answers forum” .

Since then they have kept me on their mailing list, and so periodically I get these appalling newsletter things which of course, firstly beg for my money to further their cause (fat chance!) and then go on to invite me on very expensive cruises where I would  “sail the Eastern Caribbean” and learn how to “defend the faith!”
I quote;

“Learn to defend your faith using the bible, the church fathers, and the official documents of the church”

“Explore the link between faith and reason so you can confront the militant atheism sweeping our society”

“Practice debating skills that few outside the world of apologists know”

The rest of the site is a ghastly parade of ignorant bigotry, and is a scary example of how indoctrination and subjugation of people is alive and well and being funded by the naive and brainwashed . 

Questions of faith, morality, militant atheists, pagans, etc, are all answered with the most arrogant , narcissistic aplomb, which has been honed for centuries by this appalling organisation,  to dupe the faithful and ride roughshod all over entire globe.

They start by saying they need to raise a further $22,000 to help stay online and keep “reaching souls for christ!” 

Well I think that $22,000 would be spent feeding the poor,or maybe supporting the survivor organisations who are desperately trying to help survivors come to terms with the damage done to them by their criminal priests!

I find it sinister and  quite obscene. A shiver goes through me when I hear again the mindless claptrap that it took me years to get out of my head.

When we are so worried about our vulnerable young people being exposed to  obscenity and abuses on the internet, surely sites such as this have to be included? 
In my book, they would be right on top of the list!

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