Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The pretend “cloak of celibacy”!

Fascinating to  note that as the various inquiries into child clergy abuse go on around the World, the whole issue of celibacy of priests is coming up again and again.

The church,  as I am sure everyone is aware,  has always maintained  that celibacy has nothing to do with the child abuse issues, preferring to focus on what they seem to think are the “ few bad apples”!

Interesting that now, when cornered,  like Pell in Australia, they are choosing to say that it “ probably does play  a part”  Funny that! 

Well heres the thing!

There is absolutely no doubt that the celibacy is quite ridiculous, and totally unnatural for  the human species, and to force boys to adhere to such laws which go against nature is asking for trouble!

 Especially when unnaturally celibate boys are all lumped together in seminaries with all that rampant testosterone to “ pray”  to have  taken away,  as well as the  catholic church’s unnatural  indoctrination concerning all things sexual. 
It is hardly surprising that they have a distorted and unwholesome view on sex and it’s subtleties.

 Theres no doubt they get into all sorts of “experimenting” with each other, and  later, when confronted with girls, who seem like a different species, they  haven’t a clue about correct sexual behaviour! 

On top of that they have had drummed into their heads how “important “ they are,  the parishes will be full of people who put them on a pedestal.There are females, and males,  who throw themselves at them, and the whole unnatural distortion gets compounded.

But celibacy does not create pedophiles!

The church is wrong to talk about the “bad apples” as if the “whole bunch” is ok! 

When it is the church, the “orchard” which is the problem!

It is such an unhealthy  hotbed, that it quite naturally attracts all manor of deviants, pedophiles,narcissists,  sadists etc.! It is a safe place to hide! 

Where else are you going to find that level of guaranteed protection, not to mention a ready supply of “prey” ?
Where else are you going to be deified and taken care of for life, regardless of your abhorrent behaviour?

The “pretend” cloak of celibacy gives them further protection, because  their flock consider them “safe” 

But it is a red herring, and one that the now devious “eye to the main chance” narcissistic church has started to exploit. 

Suddenly it is expedient for  them to be seen as  “martyrs” to their celibacy rules, what a clever ploy! 
And so typical of a narcissist, who will use anything and everybody to further his own ends! 
But hers another thing!!
Cut the Bullshit! 
A crime is a crime is a crime! Take responsibility, and make AMENDS

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