Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

A meaningful New Year!

I woke up this morning ready for the new year at work, but with an overwhelming need to do something MEANINGFUL! 

Of course, I do see my work as meaningful, and my support of survivors, the writing I do, my family,  etc. But this is something different!

I can't explain it specifically, but it is a very strong FEELING!

I don't want to wash the net curtains, or paint the bathroom, neither do I want to watch the television or read a trashy magazine, or go and have a facial or window shop - 

So I am asking you all if you have a meaningful cause that you think I could contribute to in some way (I don't have any spare money though I hasten to add!) Then please do let me know about it!

This is almost certainly a "selfish" request, there's no doubt that  as human beings we are all a lot happier when we are making a useful contribution, I know I am! 

Many of you are passionate about a variety of commitments, perhaps I could make a small difference  to some of them! Please let me know!
A very Happy and Meaningful New year to you all

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