Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Best laid plans!

I was so looking forward to the British humanist Association annual conference in Birmingham this weekend, had my ticket for ages! Wonderful speakers lined up not to mention old friends to see and new ones to make. I only managed a morning!
I had to miss last years in Bristol because of my health, and I did it again!
I have been trying to cut down on my steroids for weeks and thought maybe I could get off them! I think I was a bit too ambitious,because the trouble is, without them I have awful pain and  I can't walk ! So I had to hobble to the car park and back and although it was quite near -  I couldn't do it.
I did however, manage to hear  Professor AC Grayling who is a great hero  of mine, so inspiring and also so charming. His talk  gave me some brilliant inspiration, and indeed a few gems that I can use to make me,and others  happier! Every time I hear him, he makes me wish I had more time to study philosophy properly!

I also managed to hear my good friend Peter Tatchell, and get a hug! Another inspiring human being, Never come across anyone who is more of the epitomy of "walking the walk" and is also able talk a good talk too!
So although I couldn't stay, I got so energised by the little I experienced. I have always got so much energy from being around inspiring or like-minded people, our survivor gatherings, my addiction work students, other recovered addicts, my family.
So back up on the wretched steroids, waiting for the "moonface" to come back, and feeling a bit sorry for myself! But I am not half as bad as aI would have ben without the morning in Birmingham!
I am looking forward to the week ahead, teaching in Oakhill secure training centre for four days, and then one day up in Scotland to the launch of the brilliant "Aid and Abet"!

               So what if I  have a Moon face!!

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