Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Even with all those flying pigs!

Radio yesterday:
Interviewer: The pope has announced that he is going to appoint a counsel of bishops to investigate bishops that covered up clergy abuse - isn’t this a step forward?”
Interviewer: Surely this is a welcome move,? are you not heartened by this?”
Interviewer: This is one of the recommendations from  the “commission” set up by the pope including "victims of clergy abuse" does this not show their  willingness to address the issues?”
Me: WHAT (T.F!) “This is just not my concern, I don’t care about their commissions and enquiries, their PR campaign their spin.
I am not interested in their future, as long as they are taken to task by the laws of the lands and are open to public and secular scrutiny! “  
“Interviewer: Don’t they have to start somewhere? surely this is a positive place to start?
ME: NO!!! this is NOT a place to start!  And they have decades avoiding any kind of "start" ! 
The place to start is by MAKING AMENDS to everyone they have harmed, and making amends is NOT saying sorry or having yet another bloody enquiry! 
Making amends means putting something back to where it should have been before you damaged it! Or at least as near as it can possibly be, and also adding on  for the further the damage caused by cover ups and being disbelieved or dismissed. 
Willingly and without being dragged screaming. 
You can have as many irrelevant enquiries as you like 
You can even  spend years chasing the perpetrators of these crimes
You can scream from the rooftops about the dreadful injustices of it all.
You can watch in horror as the pope and his duplicitous cronies embark on yet another PR campaign.
You can talk about statistics.
You can still be shocked at the new exposures.
You can hear more and more about each perpetrator.
You can show your pain and wounds to help others.
But heres the thing!
Even if the pope resigns, gets in his pope mobile and rides off into the sunset,  his bishops all marry each other, the priests all have lots of babies,  they throw out all their criminals, they open up their coffers of ill gotten wealth and feed the poor of the world, they BEG for forgiveness, and learn some humility.(see those flying pigs in the sky?)
They stop preaching cruel and damaging doctrine to future children, they stop interfering in politics, science, other peoples cultures and countries, and go on their merry way.
And as those particular pigs fly away into the wide blue yonder...
We will still be left with hundreds of thousands of damaged disaffected victims of their crimes who, because of their damage, will have triple the risks of diseases like heart disease and cancer, 12 times more chance of committing suicide, will still a 20 year difference in life expectancy, will still have damage to their brains and immune systems, their hormonal and adrenal function. Will Still be 70% more likely to have mental health and substance abuse problems.
So PLEASE! Stuff your enquiries, Stuff the commissions Stuff the bloody church!  

It is the Survivors that matter ! THEY are my concern!  

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