Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Friday, 28 December 2012

If the World was just a few hundred feet in diameter.

I think it is difficult to think of anything as vast as the Universe, or indeed as small as a sub atomic particle, we don't operate in those  enormous, or incredibly tiny Worlds.
Our own planet so enormous  it's hard to envisage or imagine how we can protect it.
But imagine  the World was  only a few hundred yards in diameter floating a few feet above  a field somewhere, I wonder if we would think about it differently? 
It would be the  biggest and most intriguing "Wonder of the World " and we would guard it with our lives!
I suspect we would be in absolute awe of it, it's oceans and mountains, forests and lakes.
We would fiercely protect it and nurture it, and people would come from all over this planet just to look at it.
To marvel at it's colours and perfumes, its winds and snow, and rain and even it's storms.
We would be in awe of the diversity of it's people, their cultures and their languages, their skills and their laughter.We would know that each one played their part in the intricate web.
We would know that this World needs so  much diversity in its  people,  it's nurturers and carers , gardeners,  entrepreneurs, scholars, planners, builders, artists dreamers,
We would be amazed by all the myriad  of  different living creatures that we could see, and never tire of gazing at them.
We would guard this amazing globe  with such a passion, because we would know how incredibly rare and precious it was.
We would grieve for every animal that died or became extinct, we would fight for every human being that was a part of it's wonders,
And we would be horrified to see any conflict or wars among it's peoples , knowing how fragile this wonder was, and how easily damaged. We would be shocked  if any group of people tried to subjugate another group, or an individual , especially because of their own unique and irreplaceable part.
We would hardly be able to believe the layers of fluffy clouds around it, and the varying seasons and climates.The richness of the rain forests ,the barren expanse of deserts.
We would stay up all night just to watch the sunrise and sunset upon it, and we would  even dream about it when we finally slept! 
We would feel honoured and humbled to be the custodians of such a wonder.
If only it were a few hundred feet in diameter floating above a field somewhere.

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