Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Saturday, 10 March 2012

pope and his latest insult

O.K. here we go again! The latest Ratzinger insult aimed at decent honourable people, and further offending the rest of us who struggle to make sense of a world where narcissistic hypocrites get to hold themselves up as a moral benchmark for others.
It appears that his attacks on the gay and lesbian community for simply requiring that their loving commitments should be as valued as everyone elses,  are not at all about the rantings of a homophobic bigot, but in fact his concerns about " the children"!  and I quote:
"Let me conclude by recalling that all our efforts in this area are ultimately concerned with the good of children, who have the right to grow up with a healthy understanding of sexuality and it's proper place in society"YEAH RIGHT!
He went on to say " Children are the greatest treasure anf the future of every society:truly caring for them means recognising our responsibility to teach, defend and live by the moral virtues which are the key to human fulfillmet" WHAT? 
You couldn't make it up could you? I could spend all day saying what I feel about these disgusting remarks, coming as they do from someone who disregards his part in the cover up of  hundreds of thousands of crimes against children.Who shields and defends his pedophile legions of priests but  wages war on a group of caring thoughtful people who show more morality than three quaters of his clergy.
Every time this man pronounces yet another "pearl of moral wisdom" from his place of audacious arrogance, he insults me! He insults me as a survivor of catholic clergy abuse, as a woman,and  as a very proud Mother of a gay son, and as a human being.
My children are grown up now, but  who  would I feel I could safely leave the example of morality of my grandchildren  and everyone elses children to ? The gay community who show their  integrity by wanting to make a public and morally binding commitment of love? or an immoral old man who wears a dress, thinks that "  homosexuality   is as damaging to the World as the destruction of the rainforest" that lies to uneducated people  about the use of condoms, condeming many of them to death. That enables criminals to still have access to children in their "care".Who flatly refuses to make amends to the thousands of survivors who have been damaged by his church, while saying that to allow same sex marriage is an attack on "justice"
There is no contest.!!
A While ago I  was criticised for using a swear word in my writing, I was told it was " unprofessional," but then my critic did go on to say that "you are of course entitled to your opinion" well if you are reading this look away now:
Benedict you are a dick. 

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  1. I secocond that emotion,he is a prick too.