Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Sunday, 15 January 2012

I just don't know why we give these bloody people air time, they constantly insult us with their stupid and outrageous pronouncements.I wonder why we still allow them to have these offices, they are intolerant, arrogant narcissistic and shameful.

Archbishop's outrageous comments about rape The Archbishop of Granada in Spain, Javier Martinez, said in his Christmas sermon that it was acceptable for women who have had an abortion to be raped. Author Manuel António Pin expressed his outrage in the daily Jornal de Notícias :
"The Spanish Church won't let anyone dissuade it from its intolerant traditions. ... After [Prime Minister] Mariano Rajoy, who is close to the Church, announced his intention of 'extirpating the putrid secular abortion law' that was passed under Zapatero's government I was given a copy of a Christmas sermon delivered by the Archbishop of Granada in which he says that 'a woman who has an abortion gives a man absolute licence to abuse her body without restrictions because she has committed a sin as if she had a right to do so'. ... For the Archbishop- Hitler's and Stalin's crimes (he forgot Franco's) were 'less dreadful than abortion'. In such situations even a non-believer wishes there was a God to condemn these people." 

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