Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I am constantly bemused by the idea that survivors of catholic clergy abuse are in desperate need of "an apology" from the pope, or from his minions.
Practically every time I am asked about this subject, by the media, or anyone else, they ask me "when do you think they will apologise?" 
Practically every time their PR machine answers any accusations, they tell us that the pope has "apologised"!
Why the hell does anyone think that "apologising" is of any value? 
Apologising is what you do when you accidentally bump into someone on the tube, or your child kicks a football through your neighbours green house! 
Apology is NOT what is needed when people have suffered the worst betrayal of body and trust, when their whole lives have been blighted by  serious criminal acts.
When they have sustained PERMANENT brain damage from the traumas surrounding their abuses, when their potential has been impaired, and when their families, friends, communities, have also been damaged by the effects of these criminals.
Apology is NOT sufficient, or appropriate when explaining why there have been so many lies and cover ups  by the church.
Apologising is an INSULT, it is further abuse, and is not required or acceptable .
 STOP bloody apologising!
Show some humility, take a good look at yourselves and hang your heads in absolute shame.


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