Sue Cox

Sue Cox

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Archbishop of Southwark - Peter Smith has piped up.....

"I've always said, thank God in this country we have free speech," he said. "They are perfectly entitled to protest. What I would ask of all of them is to do so in a dignified way, which does not disrupt the joy of the Catholic community in welcoming the pope. I hope they would show respect to those of us who do have [religious] convictions.

Well those of us who do not celebrate this man coming to our country would ask that the church consider not disrupting the financial frailty of the British taxpayers who are struggling to make ends meet as it is without having to foot a huge bill for a so called state visit.  Breathtaking arrogance of the catholic church - its no different than some great pop star saying "Right, I'm off to visit my fans in, say, Italy but can the whole of the Italian populace please contribute heavily to my travel, security, audiences with notable figures, co-ordination of all my concerts etc.  Even though a screaming proportion of the country don't like my music and won't even come to a concert"!!!!  

The Archbishop displays yet more examples of the arrogant, narcissistic, sanctimonious catholic who 'grants permission for us to protest' and then attempts to reduce people like me who do object to the status of rabble, incapable of acting in a dignified way. 

This is the Church's MO - if challenged, first deny, secondly if that fails, try and spin it so the tables turn.  Elevate yourself to grandiose, wise-being who is on a different spiritual plane and consequently how could these poor little minions possibly understand??!! If all that fails, ignore!

I would suggest that all the victims of catholic abuse, homosexuals labelled as 'morally evil', women consistently repressed by the dogmas and man-made rules of the catholics have been too dignified and gracious - now is the time for us to stand up and say enough is enough.  We are not so stupid that we cannot see when another senior catholic is trawled out to promulgate more dripping, obsequious spin in the face of a tide of change.  Been a long time coming.

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